With exceptional swings in temperature, you don’t want to live in Minnesota without some sort of air conditioning. At H&S, we carry different kinds of air conditioners for different applications. Whether you need a single room air conditioned or a large home or business, we have the right product to keep you cool!

Let’s look at a few different types of air conditioners you can use depending on your situation.

Air Conditioners

Traditional Air ConditionersAir Conditioners

Traditional central A/C unites are part of an HVAC system. An air conditioner sits outside of the home or business, and draws warm air from the return HVAC system, cools it outside of the building, then returns it into the HVAC system.

At H&S Heating and Cooling, we have a decades long relationship with Ruud air conditioners! This allows you to get Ruud air conditioners from us at the best price possible, and of course we have a huge amount of experience with these air conditioners as well.

The high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) on Ruud air conditioners ensures you save on energy bills. There are a variety of styles available to you, and we can get them quickly through our special partnership.


For our mini-split air conditioners, we work with Fujitsu. Mini-split air conditioners operate as either a air conditioner or a heater, and can flip back and forth depending on the time of year.

Mini-splits work well for ‘zones’, where you maybe only use a few rooms throughout the day and don’t want to waste money and energy heating and cooling the whole home or business. Mini-splits are a ductless or compact duct system so they take up less room and are quicker, easier and cleaner to install than traditional air conditioners and HVAC systems.

Mini-splits still have an outdoor component, similar to traditional air conditioners, but instead of shunting air into the HVAC and ductwork, they instead move liquid into the home through copper pipes, which cool air for wall-mounted or compact duct systems.

Heat Pumps

We again work with Ruud to supply our heat pump air conditioners. These are 2-in-1 heat pumps which, when installed correctly by us, can deliver 1.5-3 times more heating and cooling energy to a home than it consumes.

This is a system that can be reversed to cool in the summer and heat in the winter. A heat pump basically moves warm air from one place to another, depending on the relative temperatures. Even in air which seems cold, heat energy is present. When it’s cold outside, a heat pump extracts the outside heat and transfers it inside. When it’s warm outside, it reverses direction and removes heat from your home.

Heat pumps move heat instead of generating it, so they are more energy efficient.

To figure out whether a traditional air conditioner, mini-split or heat pump is right for you, contact H&S today!