5 Reasons Cleaning Your Ducts Will Benefit You In The Long Run

Depending on your family’s priorities, there are a number of reasons duct cleaning can benefit you – health, money savings and general cleanliness all play a factor. Your HVAC system should be inspected regularly, not only for damage but also for dust, dander, mold and other contaminants.

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1. Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system acts as the lungs of your home. Cleaning air ducts can really increase your indoor air quality.

Through your HVAC system, the air in your home is recirculated on average 5-7 times per day. Dander, dust, chemicals and other air pollutants cycle through the home just through normal, everyday activities. Over time, more of these contaminants settle in your air ducts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the air in your home is unhealthy, but it may contribute to or exacerbate other issues.

2. Energy Savings

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 25-40% of heating and cooling energy is wasted. Dust and other contaminants in your ducts cause your HVAC system to work harder to get the same results. When an HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your home’s temperature, which improves cost effectiveness.

3. Improving Airflow

Keeping your rooms comfortable is a function of airflow. With debris in your home’s duct system, the HVAC system has to push through a lot of drag to get to each room.  If you’ve ignored your duct system for a long period of time, it is almost certain that your home’s ducts have become clogged with dirt and debris. If the clog has originated deep into the duct, you will not be able to fix this problem on your own.

4. Can Help Remove Mold

Mold is capable of growing nearly anywhere, and is tricky for the average person to get rid of. If mold begins to develop in your duct system, it can be a health hazard and can also decrease your home’s value quite a bit. Professionals can handle mold removal from your ducts before it has a chance to gain a foothold.

5. Decreasing The Risks Of Allergic Reactions

Fungus, dust particles, dirt, bacteria and other debris can set off allergic reactions. As soon as your HVAC starts to push air through your ducts, anything stuck to the side of the ducts may be brought into the air in your home. Most people may not notice these contaminants, but others may exhibit allergy-like symptoms. A duct cleaning from H&S can help you breathe easier!

If you need help keeping your home safe, contact the duct cleaning experts at H&S!