Worried About Radon? How H&S Can Help You Breath Easier.

Radon is a scary element. Radioactive, invisible, unsmellable, untasteable, and very dense, this gas almost reads like a supervillain. Luckily, radon can be detected through a simple test, and a solution is available to easily and continuously remove it from your home to protect your family.

Let’s look at how H&S Heating and Air Conditioning can help keep your family safe from this noble gas which seeps into your home. Get in touch with our air quality team today to learn more!

Radon Testing

When our team comes in to test your home for radon, we plan to do so at a few points throughout the year. This is so we can better determine the true amount of radon in your home, which is typically highest in the winter when furnaces run.

Whether you need to have radon mitigation done or not, radon testing is recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health every 2-5 years. This is because there is a clear link between radon and lung cancer, with 21,000 radon-induced lung cancer deaths per year in the U.S, second only to cigarette smoking. Radon testing should also be done after work is done, such as building an addition, finishing a basement or adding an HVAC system.

Radon Mitigation

Since air pressure inside homes is generally lower than air pressure outside, the home acts as a vacuum, sucking up the dense radon through cracks in the foundation or other openings. In a well-ventilated home, radon levels tend to be lower. That’s why radon mitigation involves additional ventilation.

Also, the half-life of radon is 3.8 days, so once mitigation is secured, the levels of radon will drop significantly in about a week.

A radon mitigation system can be installed if necessary by H&S Heating and Air Conditioning. This is a ventilation system installed on an exterior wall which vents radon out of the basement or lower level.

Remember, radon is only scary if you let it be. Get in touch with our team to take the worry out of your mind!