3 Great Reasons To Get Your Furnace On A Maintenance Schedule

Furnace maintenance is an excellent way to invest in your equipment, your health, your checkbook and the environment. By maintaining your furnace you’ll receive a ton of great benefits, but we’ll discuss the three main benefits people see most when using our routine furnaces maintenance services. Give us a call to schedule your furnace maintenance today!

1. Benefit The Environment

45% of your home’s energy usage comes just from heating, according to energysavers.gov. By keeping your furnace maintained, your environmental footprint can be reduced!

Our maintenance schedule allows us to regularly make sure your furnace is operating at peak efficiency. And when it’s time to replace, our technicians can help suggest a newer, more efficient option to lower your energy usage. We partner with Ruud, which has excellently rated furnaces for the energy-conscious consumer.

2. Reduce Your Anxiety

Do you know how your furnace works, or do you take it for granted? With many moving parts and a combustion chamber inside your home, some people can have anxiety about their furnace system. And without the proper equipment and training, you can’t know how well the furnace is working or if it’s operating within its safe range. That’s why people call us.

By scheduling  furnace maintenance, you know your furnace is being cared for correctly, saving you the hassle of figuring it out yourself, as well as trying to find someone to fix it again later.

3. Keep Your Money

With a routine furnace maintenance plan from H&S Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll make sure your furnace is cleaned, measured for output, inspected and otherwise maintained regularly! Doing so can save you up to 15% on your monthly energy bill! Without regular maintenance, that’s money going out the window each month.

But with a scheduled, regular maintenance plan, we’ll keep your furnace running at peak efficiency to keep more money in your checkbook.

Winter is already here and the energy bills are taking money right out of your hand. Schedule your furnace maintenance with H&S Heating & Air Conditioning and start saving today!