4 Common HVAC Problems & How To Fix Them

While some common HVAC problems you can take care of yourself, sometimes you do need a professional.

Below, we’re going into detail on four common HVAC problems you will face in your lifetime, what you can do to fix them, and when to throw in the towel and get professional help.

H&S Heating and Air Conditioning owner Jeremy Salzbrun troubleshooting an HVAC unit at a home.

Get Answers To Common HVAC Problems & How to Fix Them

1. Reduced Airflow

Airflow problems can reduce your system’s efficiency by up to 15%, according to energystar.gov.

Reduced airflow through your HVAC system is a problem that can be caused by dirty air filters a dirty blower motor or dirty ductwork. The easy answer to any of these is: hire a professional to clean or replace them.

At H&S Heating and Air Conditioning, our regular preventative maintenance allows us to check all of these issues, and prevent problems before they happen. We’ll replace your filter, clean ductwork and fix common HVAC problems as needed.

2. Ignition Problems/System Won’t Start

If you have ignition problems or the system won’t start, begin with the fuse box. Ensure a fuse hasn’t tripped before doing anything else. After you’ve confirmed a fuse hasn’t been tripped – don’t do anything else! At this point, you’ll be dealing with high voltage electricity or gas supply, both of which are best left to the professionals.

At H&S Heating and Air Conditioning, our regular preventative maintenance allows us to clean your burners, the burner compartment and the ignition assembly, all of which may be the cause of your problem. There may also be an issue with the gas pressure, gas supply, or an electrical issue that we can look into more closely.

3. Blower Running Continuously

If your blower won’t turn off, there’s usually one of two things at play:

  1. You’ve accidentally set the thermostat fan to the “On” position at some point. Double-check your thermostat settings, as that’s an easy fix for any homeowner.
  2. Otherwise, it’s probably the fan relay, which is inside the furnace. This is a fix for a technician like H&S Heating and Air Conditioning. This is the switch that turns on the blower when there is a call for heat – if the switch gets stuck, the blower never turns off.

4. Thermostat Malfunction

Whether you have a programmable thermostat or not, it can still malfunction. It’s important to keep your homeowner’s manual in an accessible space so you can quickly troubleshoot any issues. You should also replace the batteries regularly. If you can’t solve an issue with the manual or a battery replacement, it’s best to call in a professional.