5 Cooling Myths Debunked

fanAs usual, this summer the majority of people are searching for methods to maintain their electric costs. However, prior to you making any sort of changes around the home, here are a couple of heating and cooling myths to keep an eye out for.

Cooling Myth One: A Fan Will Keep an Area Cool

Fans don’t make rooms any cooler, they simply make you feel cooler. By moving air over your skin, they can decrease your physical body temperature level. However, they will do nothing for the heat inside a space. So if you’re not in the area, you’re just losing energy by leaving the fan on. Nevertheless, there’s one exception to this guideline: if the air temperature outside your home is cooler than compared to the air within, positioning a fan near a window could help attract cool air into the residence or create a cross current to eliminate hot air caught within.

Cooling Myth Two: Upgrading to a bigger air conditioner will offer you far better results

As summer extends right into the most popular months of the year, your AC system could be straining to keep your residence cool, causing you to go to the shop for a newer and much bigger device. However, there are a bunch of reasons your unit could not be handling the job right now. Similar to any sort of home appliance, an AC needs routine upkeep.

Begin by washing the air conditioning unit, or you can attempt to get it serviced. If the air conditioner is mounted in an area that obtains direct sun all day, moving it to a shadier area could assist in the cooling process as well. Likewise, the trouble might not be the air conditioner in any way. If you have a great deal of leaks in your property, such as cracks around the windows, missing stripping around the door, or bad insulation, the issue could be your house. Try to to find any kind of gaps where you might be dripping chilly air as and plug them up.

Cooling Myth Three: An air conditioning system is just a tool to cool the air

Certain AC units create a constant stream of amazing air, but there’s really another factor at play when it pertains to making you comfy in the summer. In addition to cooling down the air, air conditioners minimize moisture. Damp air feels hotter than dry air. Many air conditioners have a drying function that is dedicated to reducing humidity, and this setup also utilizes a lot less power. If your air conditioner doesn’t have this setting, you might attempt using a dehumidifier to conserve a little money on your power expense.

Cooling Myth Four: Crank the temperature level down for faster air conditioning

Central air conditioning units are made to work at a rather continuous rate, and switch off when your home reaches the desired temperature level. So turning the temperature level dial down won’t cool it much faster. It simply means you might wind up with a cold residence if you neglect to adjust the thermostat when you hit a comfortable temperature. This is likely squandering cash as well as energy. There is, nonetheless, an exception to this policy. If you have a home window unit, you likely have reduced, medium and high settings. Utilizing the high setting on the unit will cool off rooms faster– merely bear in mind to turn it down as soon as your house is cool.

Cooling Myth Five: It’s more efficient to leave it on all day than to raise and also reduce the temperature level.

Programmable thermostats are an excellent method to saving money on energy bills throughout both the winter and also summer season. By establishing your thermostat to change the temperature level in the house when you’re not around, you could dramatically lower power use. Many people think that an AC unit has to spend more time and energy to cool things down when you return, negating any gain from turning the temperature down. This isn’t true; even when you’re not there, your air conditioning system is hard at it, keeping an area cool, which leads you to squander a lot of power. So feel free to use the program feature on your thermostat and also conserve some cash on your costs this summer.

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