5 Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance Tips For Top Efficiency

Cleaning a mini-split is something which should be done monthly. Ductless mini-split maintenance can be done by the owner for the most part, though you may want to have a professional do an occasional check up.

Read along with H&S as we learn about ductless mini-split maintenance tips.

5 Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance Tips

1. Initial Placement

Whether you’ve hired a professional to install your ductless mini-split A/C or you’re doing it yourself, you’ll save a lot of trouble by keeping about four feet between the unit and any counters, cupboards, knick-knacks or other obstructions (except for, of course, the wall behind it and any wall beside it). This will help keep air flow healthy for the mini-split.

2. Wipe Exterior Cover Weekly

Every week, take a damp cloth and wipe down the exteriors of your mini-split, including the outer portion of the blower. This ensures less dust is brought into the system, as well as spewed back into your home every week. 

3. Clean Outdoor Condenser Monthly

Every month, shut down the system completely and unplug it. Clean the fins on the housing grate with a damp rag or by spraying them with a garden hose. Open the cover to expose the pump and coils, and suck the dust off with a vacuum or blow it off with a leaf blower. Then wash the coils with a hose, and give the fan a spin. If the fan wobbles back and forth, it needs service by a professional.

Let the unit completely dry before plugging back in and turning on, or you’ll risk electrocution or damaging the unit.

4. Clean Filters Monthly

Back to the interior, open the front of your unit and clean the filters monthly. They can be soaked in a mild detergent. Again, let them dry completely before putting them back in to reduce the risk of electric shock and damage to your mini-split.

5. Keep Your Manual To Check Codes

Always keep the manual. If something goes wrong, your mini-split may throw out an error code on the display. Your manual should have a list of codes you can check against which should at least give you a starting point to try to fix it on your own, or to give the information to a professional like H&S.