How To Prevent HVAC System Mold

HVAC system mold is an insidious beast to take care of after it takes hold. It is preventable though through good ventilation and regular maintenance.

Read along with H&S as we find out how to prevent HVAC system mold from entering your home or business.

How Mold Gets In Your HVAC System

This may shock you, but: there is always mold in your home or HVAC system. While there’s more mold in humid weather and less mold in dry weather, it’s still there. All it needs to grow is moisture and food. When it has enough, it gets noticeable, usually by its smell. By the time you can see the mold, it’s become a real problem.

Mold can make you sick, or at least uncomfortable through its smell. When provided with moisture and food, it can grow in as little as 48 hours. Left untreated, it can damage your home, your HVAC system, or your health.

How To Prevent HVAC System Mold

Since homes can be spread through forced air HVAC systems, it’s important to have your system checked regularly. A certified HVAC technician, like those at H&S, can check for mold and moisture problems to eliminate further growth. Drains, condensate pans, air handlers, blowers, and ducts can all serve as surfaces for mold to grow on.

You can also improve your air quality by fighting mold spores in the air. UV Light systems can be installed as part of your HVAC to help purify the air. HEPA filters can also help reduce mold spores. Dehumidifiers can reduce humidity below the level needed for mold to flourish.