How To Use A Programmable Thermostat Properly

A programmable thermostat is definitely nice to have. Setting times your HVAC system can kick in and out and specific temperatures is a game changer.

Read along with H&S as we learn how to use a programmable thermostat properly.

What Is A Programmable Thermostat?

The easiest way to maximize your energy usage is to buy a programmable thermostat. Many feature easy touch-pad programming, where you can set the thermostat to automatically change several times throughout the day. They also may offer vacation or hold settings, to adjust or turn off your cooling or heating while you are away.

Types Of Programmable Thermostats

Some programmable thermostats are simple wall units with a few buttons and a few time settings.

Others are able to hook up to wifi and a smartphone, allowing for instant control even from hundreds of miles away while on vacation.

Some programmable thermostats, with the right HVAC system, can even allow for different settings through your home in separate zones.

Energy Efficient Temperatures

The temperatures below may feel too cold or too warm at the start, so you can try to adjust slowly. Change your home’s temperatures by one degree each day until you reach the recommended temperature.

U.S. Department of Energy Summer Thermostat Temperature Recommendation

  • 78 degrees or warmer while you are home
  • 85 degrees or off while you are away

U.S. Department of Energy Winter Thermostat Temperature Recommendation

  • 68 degrees or cooler while you are home
  • 55 degrees or cooler at night or while you are away