Radon Mitigation Near St. Cloud, MN

21,000 Americans die every year from radon-related lung cancer. Having proper ventilation to control the level of radon in your home is a must, after you’ve tested to see what radon levels your home has. For your home, choose H&S Heating and Air Conditioning for radon mitigation near St. Cloud, MN is so important!

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Radon Mitigation Near St. Cloud, MN

Since air pressure inside homes is generally lower than air pressure outside, the home acts as a vacuum, sucking up the dense radon through cracks in the foundation or other openings. In a well-ventilated home, radon levels tend to be lower. That’s why radon mitigation involves additional ventilation.

Also, the half-life of radon is 3.8 days, so once mitigation is secured, the levels of radon will drop significantly in about a week.

A radon mitigation system can be installed by the the friendly and knowledgeable technicians at H&S Heating and Air Conditioning. This is a ventilation system installed on an exterior wall which vents radon out of the basement or lower level.

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H&S is your local, high-quality choice for radon mitigation near St. Cloud, MN. Our goal is to make our neighbors happy and satisfied, and we understand this means getting in touch with a highly-qualified service technician when you need one.

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